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That moment when you realize infinite had 8 members.

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hoya’s funny NG

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What did Infinite do at your Birthday? 





They Sunggyu a song.

A Sungyeol never forget.

Howon a minute I need to dry my tears of laughter



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Infinite’s maknaes interpretation about Dongwoo’s “매일 너로 채웠던

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Sunggyu’s eyes…
normally: 0.8cm
when surprised: 0.9cm
when smiling: 0.1cm
when angry: 0.6cm

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random sunggyu

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Meanwhile, hamster Gyu-nim…..

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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how excited our Gyu was at his own joke, which by the way, was a total mood shift from the serious Hoya HAHAHA

And how could we not notice how unimpressed our maknae was at leader’s joke? hahahahaha hi-la-ri-ous